Bend Ticket

Selling tickets for your next event? It’s free to use our on-demand ticketing site, and we’re the only box office that includes local promotion and customer service.


Bend Ticket is a self-service ticketing platform that combines the features you need to run a successful event with local promotion that sells more tickets.

  • Food and Music Festivals
  • Fundraisers
  • Concerts, Plays and Shows
  • Conferences and Workshops


  • Create, manage and control your events: The dashboard gives you control over your event listing: inventory, pricing, promotion codes, customer information, and real-time sales reporting.
  • A complete box office solution. Our tools work as your complete box office solution: sell and check in tickets at your event, all synced and integrated with your online inventory.
  • Simple, user-friendly checkout. We work hard to make the process of buying tickets simple and fast for your customers, and help you collect the information you need.
  • Scanning app. Use our free iOS app to scan tickets in and out of your event. The Bold Type Tickets Scanner is a good choice for many types of events, from a small fundraising dinner to a giant outdoor event with dozens of gates and tens of thousands of attendees entering simultaneously.


  • A selection of events on sale at are also listed in a weekly print ad featured in Source Weekly newspaper.
  • Additionally, the same events are listed in the weekly Bend Ticket Wire newsletter (Thursdays) and periodically in the Cascades Reader.

Nothing — all the processing and service fees are passed on to the ticket purchaser.