Newspaper Advertising

The Source Weekly is Central Oregon’s award-winning, free weekly newspaper covering local news, arts, food and events.

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  • Ad reservation deadline: Friday at noon for the next week’s newspaper (published on Wednesday).
  • Finished ad creatives due by: Monday at noon. Complimentary ad design services available upon request. Materials for ad builds
    (text, show listings, images) should also arrive no later than Friday at 5pm. Anything submitted after this deadline is subject to space availability and may not receive a proof (unless a previous arrangement has been made with your advertising representative).


  • New Advertiser: ask your sales rep.
  • Nonprofit: 20% off 1x rate (no frequency discounts)
  • Saturates: ask your sales rep.


Units Display Size 1x 8-12x (5%) 13-25x (10%) 26-35x (20%) 36-51x (30%) 52x (40%) Color
24 Full $1,440 $1,368 $1,296 $1,152 $1,008 $864 +25%
18 3/4 $1,080 $1,026 $972 $864 $756 $648 +25%
16 2/3 $960 $912 $864 $768 $672 $576 +25%
12 1/2 $720 $684 $648 $576 $504 $432 +25%
8 1/3 $480 $456 $432 $384 $336 $288 +25%
6 1/4 $360 $342 $324 $288 $252 $216 +25%
4 1/6 $240 $228 $216 $192 $168 $144 +25%
3 1/8 $180 $171 $162 $144 $126 $108 +25%
2 1/12 $120 $114 $108 $96 $84 $72 +25%
1 1/24 $60 $57 $54 $48 $42 $36 +25%

Custom quotes available upon request. Premium section placements and geo-targeting available on a first-come, first-served basis at 15% over the advertising cost.

By placing an order or requesting an advertisement in the Source Weekly, each advertiser and advertiser’s agency agrees with the following:

  1. Reservation Deadline: Friday, 5 PM. Payment due with space reservation Friday at 5 PM unless credit is established.
  2. Cancellation Deadline: Friday, 5 PM.The Source Weekly reserves the right to charge for an ad canceled after deadline.
  3. Camera Ready ad Deadline: Monday, 12 PM.
  4. Payment of our charges must be made in advance until credit with us is established.
  5. Credit terms require payment in full 15 days from the invoice date. A finance charge of 1.5% per month will accrue beginning 30 days after the invoice date. We may collect reasonable attorneys’ fees and collection charges incurred by us. Payment of all our charges is the joint and several responsibility of the advertiser and the advertiser’s agency. We will charge 35% on unpaid balances that require the use of a collection service.
  6. Contracts must be fulfilled within one year from the date of first insertion. Frequency rates are not transferable and are not retroactive. If the contract is not completed, a reasonable “short rate” will be determined by The Source Weekly and billed.
  7. The advertiser and the advertiser’s agency, jointly and severally represent and warrant to us that they and we have the legal right to publish the advertisement and each component thereof, and that any necessary written content has been obtained from any party whose image, likeness, artwork, copyrighted material, trademark, service mark, or personal or private information appears in or is reffered to in the advertisement.
  8. The advertiser and the advertiser’s agency, jointly and severally, shall defend (using counsel acceptable to the Source) and indemnify the Source and its directors, officers, employees, and agents from and against any and all loss, cost, damage, liability, and expense (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) that may arise from any actual or alleged libel, violation of privacy rights, plagiarism, copyright or trademark infringement, or any other claim or action relating to the advertisement.
  9. The Source Weekly is not responsible for ensuring that any advertisement does not violate the rights of any other party. Nevertheless, we reserve the right at any time to reject or revise any advertisement or advertising agreement in our absolute discretion.
  10. The Source Weekly is not responsible for typographical errors. In the event of printing errors, our liability is limited to a refund of a portion of advertising charges (if already paid), reasonably corresponding to the portion of the advertisement materially affected by the error. Net rates only.

These are file types we accept, in order of preference:

These files must be in their final version, since we cannot make any changes to them.

  • Your Adobe PDF Preset should be PDF/X-1a.
  • Embed all fonts, or convert text to outlines. If the PDF arrives with missing fonts, we will rasterize
    the ad, which may impact the print quality.
  • Spot color ads must be built as a 4-color process.

ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR (all versions)
Please be sure to OUTLINE all the fonts and include all linked IMAGES with these files.

ADOBE INDESIGN (all versions)
Include all FONTS and IMAGES or export the file to eps with all fonts OUTLINED.

PHOTOSHOP (all versions)
Please send flattened artwork in tiff format at 300 dpi.
We cannot accept or read Publisher, Quark, PageMaker or MS Word Files.

  • All artwork should be at least 240 dpi; 300 dpi is preferred for finished ads.
  • Please make sure colors are designated CYMK (no RGB or PMS spot color designation).
  • Fine lines and small type may be in color, but should use as few inks as possible.
    For complex color type, we recommend using heavier type that can more easily survive
    small variations in registration.
  • Do not reverse text below 10 points on dark color backgrounds. They may get washed out
    or filled in when printing. The same applies for reversed type (white type on a black or
    color background.)
  • Blacks should be created as 100% K, or K plus one other color. Never create a black out
    of all four colors. This also applies to lines, boxes, or objects made with 4-color black.